About Me and What I Do

I’m a freelance communications co-ordinator and community engagement consultant.

Based in Cumbria, I’m available to work with local councils, public, private and third sector organisations and local communities, either on my own or in partnership with others.

What I Offer

I can help you with:-

  • your communication strategy and practical implementation
  • community engagement, consultation and development (supporting local people, organisations, businesses and councils)
  • compiling case studies
  • recruiting, mentoring and supervising volunteers (all ages and hard to reach)
  • appraising need and organising educational training for volunteers
  • managing local involvement in local, regional and national campaigns
  • conserving heritage
  • project planning, proposal/bid writing and management of projects from beginning to end
  • project documentation
  • reputation building and place making
  • co-operative relationships/partnership working
  • commissioning services
  • budget management
  • desk research and data collection
  • organising events, conferences, exhibitions and open days
  • marketing and promotion
    • researching/writing and distributing media/press releases
    • preparing and designing (e)newsletters, flyers and leaflets
    • setting up simple websites (free to host WordPress.com)
  • project monitoring and evaluation
  • writing reports and final evaluations

Find Out About



For further information or to have a chat about your requirement, please email: anna@annamalina.co.uk or call my mobile: 07900922818.

Alternatively, please use the contact form below


Freelance Communications Facilitator & Community Engagement Consultant