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Westminster lends support to Silloth Green Volunteers!!!!

I’m now doing some community engagement work in Silloth-on-Solway in Cumbria, site facilitating participation and working with volunteers who put on lots of events on Silloth Green. Cumbria MP Tony Cunningham today raised a motion in Westminster Houses of Parliament to support volunteers and the work they do on Silloth Green.



Cutting it: Big Society and new austerity

How is the ‘Big Society’ cutting it? The nef report analyses the opportunities and threats of the ‘Big Society’ vision, remedy and how it will effect businesses, the third sector and democracy. There are loads of challenges but nef sees the progressive potential of the ‘Big Society’ as lying in:

  • Encouraging citizens’ involvement and action
  • Recognising that everyone has assets, not just problems
  • Building and strengthening social networks
  • Using local knowledge to get better results
  • Offering ways of transforming the welfare state.

A tool for locality working and community planning?

The Bettermeans tool offers an opportunity to move away from outdated command and control structures towards  a much fairer system of participatory involvement. Decision-making, cialis project management and governance tools can be used openly, prostate efficiently and democratically, allowing everyone to take part equally. Could be very useful in creating less tokenistic locality working and community planning in the Big Society.