Participation Toolkit

Methods and Techniques

Here is Summary of Participatory Methods and Techniques. It describes a range of different methods, suggestions of when to use them, and some advantages and problems.

Planning Engagement

Be clear about the purpose and scope of your engagement process and bear in mind that community engagement works best when it is a cumulative process, building trust over time.

Involvement may vary as different groups get involved in different ways. Some may want to provide advice or feedback, while others may want to help deliver the outcomes.

Think about following

  • what  finance and other resources do you have
  • what level of participation do you hope will be achieved
  • how will you identify stakeholders
  • when will you engage with different stakeholders
  • how will you and your stakeholders interact ie. consider what specific methods are suited to different stakeholder  needs and contexts
  • what limitations are you likely to encounter
  • how will you publicise your engagement exercises
  • how will you monitor your progress and when will you review findings
  • how and when will you provide feedback to stakeholders

Participation Methods

Quantitative and Qualitative Methods may be used.

Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

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