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Greening Grey Britain

As part of the 2017 ‘Greening Grey Britain’ for wildlife-themed Bloom launch, the RHS are seeking applications for support and funding for community gardening projects that involve young people. They are offering direct support from their outreach advisors and up to £500 per project towards plant and material costs for a number of groups.

Scroll down this link for more information and video about the ‘Greening Grey Britain’ campaign

The deadline is  February 17, 2017, so please spread the word amongst your groups, encouraging as many to apply as possible!

The opportunity is open to all Bloom and It’s Your Neighbourhood groups. To apply, groups must be working in partnership with a young person’s group – this could be a school, a scout group a youth club or any community project that supports children or young people.

Please do share this far and wide, and help us spread the word on Twitter and Facebook where possible!

More information is available here, and the application form is here.

Contact: Emily Braham, Senior Communications Coordinator; Tel: 0207 821 3118; Email:

Design for Silloth’s Community Garden

Following on from the workshops in July this year, a draft design for Silloth’s Community Garden has been produced.

Design CG 27.8.13

This is a first stage design and Moota Garden Centre Designers will provide a final design as the next stage, at which time we will ask them to suggest specific plants. Moota will also be supplying care sheets for the different plants and shrubs so that folks know how to look after the community garden over time.

For now though, the current design includes many of the concepts from the workshops. Anyone who wants to provide feedback please get in touch with Anna Malina; feel free to ask questions or comment and say what you think so far!!! Provide feedback in any way you want, email or letter, chats in office or on phone, scribbles, whatever you want. Please just feel free to get in touch with me and arrange to pop in to discuss if that’s what you want.

I’ll collate all the feedback and if big changes are suggested or if there is a general wish for it, I’ll arrange a further face-face-meeting between the Steering Group and Moota to discuss and agree alterations.

Note that although there is placement of heritage aspects (possibly sculpture), we will still need to make some decisions over time regarding that side of things – and inevitably they will have to be cost dependent. When we do that, and there’s general agreement on the final landscape and plant design from Moota, we will share with the Town Council and also send to Jane Alexander at Heritage Lottery for  full approval. We then need to take account of that feedback before getting costings for the different aspects of the work.

Contact: Anna Malina, Community Engagement Officer, Silloth Green, The Community Hall, Petteril Street, Silloth, CA7 4EA. email: Office. Tel: 016973 31816

Design Workshops for Silloth’s Community Garden


As part of the community engagement process that was to guide the design of the Community garden on Silloth Green, I organised a workshop in the Community Technology College on Sunday 14th July, 2013. The workshop was designed to give the community in Silloth an opportunity to say what they would like in the new community garden, due to be built by volunteers on the corner of Criffel Street and Lawn Terrace.

Silloth Green Community garden Workshop power point Presentation

The overall aim of the project is to encourage the local community to produce their own ideas for the design, planting and interpretation of heritage; and also to consider, along with the Steering Group, the long term sustainability and care of the Community Garden. Key objectives are: “to develop a garden for the community to own, relax in and enjoy; for nature studies, education and conservation; and to reflect on aspects of the Green’s rich heritage.”

A number of very creative and interesting ideas emerged from the children during the morning workshop session. Adults then built on these suggestions and added a few more ideas during the afternoon session. Final suggestions were summarised and scribed by Jennifer Rowlands, who had been brought in as the main facilitator for the day.

The garden designers from Moota Garden Centre have now taken all the suggestions away and will incorporate them into a first draft  design. The Community Garden Steering Group will then look the plans over (around the end of August), and either OK them or make additional suggestions. Moota will then produce the final design.

The next stage will be to find artists and creatives  who can carry forward the interpretation aspects of the garden. It will also be necessary to arrange tenders for landscaping and plants.

I will be updating the Council and submitting periodic reports to HLF, who will then, hopefully, release funds to continue with the landscape development followed by planting in the Spring of 2014. Friends of the Green and myself will also be keeping the community updated about progress via the Silloth Green website and the Silloth Green Facebook page.

Many thanks to all who came along and all those who lent their support to the children. We had a great day and  await with the design plans from Moota with a great deal of excitement.


Anna Malina, Community Engagement Officer, Silloth Green. email.  OfficeTel: 016973 31816. Mobile 07900922818

Friends of the Green: