Carer’s UK’s State of Caring Survey

“Based on findings from Carers UK’s State of Caring
Survey 2016 – cuk-crd-research-report-2016-web-3– this research explores the time it takes for
people to recognise they have taken on a caring role,
and whether they had missed out on support because
they simply didn’t think of themselves as a carer.

The research and accompanying press release also looks at the impact that missing out on support can have across carers’ lives.

For many people, looking after an ill, older or disabled loved one doesn’t have a name, it is ‘just something you do’.

However, not recognising you are carrying out a caring role can be a real barrier to accessing vital support.

If you do not see yourself as a carer, then you are unlikely to consider asking for a carer’s assessment, applying for Carer’s Allowance, or seeking advice from others who find
themselves in similar circumstances.

Not recognising you are caring means missing out on help, advice and information, with serious personal and financial implications.”



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