Design for Silloth’s Community Garden

Following on from the workshops in July this year, a draft design for Silloth’s Community Garden has been produced.

Design CG 27.8.13

This is a first stage design and Moota Garden Centre Designers will provide a final design as the next stage, at which time we will ask them to suggest specific plants. Moota will also be supplying care sheets for the different plants and shrubs so that folks know how to look after the community garden over time.

For now though, the current design includes many of the concepts from the workshops. Anyone who wants to provide feedback please get in touch with Anna Malina; feel free to ask questions or comment and say what you think so far!!! Provide feedback in any way you want, email or letter, chats in office or on phone, scribbles, whatever you want. Please just feel free to get in touch with me and arrange to pop in to discuss if that’s what you want.

I’ll collate all the feedback and if big changes are suggested or if there is a general wish for it, I’ll arrange a further face-face-meeting between the Steering Group and Moota to discuss and agree alterations.

Note that although there is placement of heritage aspects (possibly sculpture), we will still need to make some decisions over time regarding that side of things – and inevitably they will have to be cost dependent. When we do that, and there’s general agreement on the final landscape and plant design from Moota, we will share with the Town Council and also send to Jane Alexander at Heritage Lottery for  full approval. We then need to take account of that feedback before getting costings for the different aspects of the work.

Contact: Anna Malina, Community Engagement Officer, Silloth Green, The Community Hall, Petteril Street, Silloth, CA7 4EA. email: Office. Tel: 016973 31816

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