Silloth Green Website has launched

I’m very excited about launching a new website for Silloth Green.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 21.31.00

One of my main goals was to design a website that would showcase Silloth Green and highlight what it has to offer visitors as well as local people, so everyone knows what’s happening on the Green. I wanted to make sure all the modernised ‘features‘ on the Green were highlighted and information about events clearly displayed and easily found. I also wanted to showcase Community Memories and highlight people’s experiences of the Green. The people who help are crucial in making sure the Green is well looked after and supported, and all the festivals, events, concerts and annual carnival are well organised.

The Green always need more people to get involved, so, I wanted to make sure those who want to join ‘Friends of the Green’ or take part in volunteering can find the right information. And, from a user perspective, I wanted to make sure the site was as easy to navigate, update and manage while also being clean clear and creative.

Thanks to Colin for foresight and vision in site planning and Norbert for designing the website so creatively. The content is generated by Anna Malina. Feedback is welcome!

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