Satirical take on political back-stabbing and participatory democracy gone mad (circa 1970)

Just saw intriguing post on Delib blog and looked for more information on a film called The ‘Rise and Fall of Michael Rimmer.’ This is a 1970 satire around pompous, cialis obsessive political ambition, case back-stabbing political ladder climbing and simplistic thinking which sends participatory democracy completely bonkers. The film stars the wonderful Peter Cook in the lead role, online also John Cleese, Harold Pinter, Arthur Lowe and Ronnie Corbett, all looking very fresh and young. I can remember the political focus on increasing public participation years ago (though have never seen this film), and have seen very old ideas dressed up in ‘new’ policy directives by governments ever since. Watch this hilarious clip to learn the lessons of political game playing, information overload and consultation fatigue. I’ve just ordered the whole dvd from Amazon. Film is over 40 years old now – should be compulsory for all politicians and public sector workers to see this … even just to have a laugh.

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