Click Clever, Click Safe

Click Clever, sovaldi sale Click Safe Strategy, tadalafil  launched by the UK Council on Child Internet Safety, viagra has been created as a result of one of Tanya Byron’s recommendations in the report ‘Safer Children in a Digital World’ (Byron Review). This strategy will help practitioners focus on the opportunities and risks to young people online.

2 thoughts on “Click Clever, Click Safe”

  1. Hey Anna.

    Good to see the link across to Click Clever, Click Safe and the commentable version. Would be great to get more practitioners comments on that…

    My sense overall though is that for exploring how practitioners can best navigate the opportunities and risks of the online world – the Byron Review itself (, either the short summary for young people, or the full thing, contains a lot more substance than the UKCCIS strategy…

    Hope all is going well with you.



    1. Hi Tim,

      Lovely to hear from you. Hope your course is going well and life is good.

      I’ve been away from things for ages now. My brother was very ill (from around time of the Conference you came to) and he sadly passed away on 1st january. I took a good bit of time off to be with him and help family with the care side of things. Trying to get my head back into gear now.

      I agree more comments would be good re young people and online safety. I’m hoping I can explore what practitioners in Cumbria think and am trying to set up a new media wiki which is simple enough to inform people about what is possible. Most training presumes a bit of knowledge about new media, yet most people locally in Cumbria have no knowledge at all about new media and how it might be used. I have no real support from Eden Council so I’m doing/fitting in what I can when I can. We managed to put a video together of young people’s responses to the Penrith New Squares consultation – see (looksand sounds lots better on the dvd. It could all have been much much better with more knowledge time and resources but it was a rush job so I guess it worked reasonably well considering. Some of the kids in the video were very supportive of the concept of social media participation and Council could see the possibilities, though no resources to continue with anything much.

      All best for now.



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